I Cum In Peace

Why didn't I think of this? This is too good to be true, an event I could actually kick ass at (or something like that). A Masturbate-a-thon in the UK! Now, this might sound lewd and grotesque, but it's all for charity, and there are a number of posters to prove it (see below, I picked out some of my favorites, but for more please look here). Under a Masturbate for Peace campaign, the UK is taking this idea from non-other than the US where the San Francisco-based Centre for Sex and Culture, has run mass masturbation events in the US for the past five years to raise money for safe sex groups according to an article on the Guardian website. Finally the US is creating a positive image for ourselves to the outside world. The event kicks of on August 5th, 2006, so if you can't make it to London in time, feel free to participate at home. You know I will. It's for peace, after all.

Oh, too many posters to choose from...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Uh oh, I have more books than that that I've read. Man, I'm such a slacker!

Oh my, what a big missile you have...

Thatta girl, representing the women masturbaters out there! Now we need a brunette, just to be fair.

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