Bad Habits, Dirty Habits

Yes, so I'm joining the many others who have not only become addicted to blogs and blogging, but for the first time last night as I went to sleep, was I thinking about the book I'm reading, the story I'm writing? No, I thought about what I wanted to blog the next day. I'm so OCD, I almost got out of bed to blog it right then, but I convinced myself not to. I had already shut down my computer, after all. I'd read Derek Rogers' admission about having to force himself to write first and blog second and since July 9th he has been rather quiet on his blog, a sign that he's actually getting writing done! Good for him, now that's what I need to do. But see, since I usually blog during the day while I'm at work and try to write at night when I get home, I shouldn't have a problem, right? Well, for some reason since at home I am also connected to the internet I still end up blogging, or reading blogs or doing something blog related! I mean seriously, who knew blogging would be such an awesome experience? I get to run my mouth, meet really great people (and fellow writers!) such as Sandra Ruttan, Brett Battles, Derek Rogers, Bill Cameron (who's a Miami alum as well, small world!), and Amra Pajalic among others I know I haven't mentioned (including Flash Flood who has a great post up about blogging pals, since we're somewhat on the subject)! I'm meeting people that I wouldn't have otherwise met, and in the not so literary area of Cincinnati, it's great to have writer friends to chat with, exchange ideas, etc. So despite the addiction component of blogs, I'm very happy for all of the support and relationships that are forming due to it, and to be honest, while I'm not writing fiction while I'm blogging, I Am actually writing more than I had been since I've been writing blogs, and truthfully, any writing is good practice. Though I do need to have a no blogging rule while at home rule to keep me from procrastinating and finishing that story with the ending that I can't make up my mind on. Doh! So thank you blogging friends and also thank you to my dear friend who turned me onto blogs, you Did start the addiction you know, in more ways than one.

Sooo, in potty news, I read this article (found on Book Ninja) and had a thought, is it sad that there's a book that I exclusively read on the potty? If you haven't noticed, Life, the Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams has been on my "Currently Reading" list for some time now, and it's because I only read it when I'm in my upstairs bathroom on the, ahem, potty. It's a big book (all of the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books are put in one gi-normous book) and I just keep it on the edge of my tub, in easy reach from the toilet and only read it then. Sad or not, that is my reading place for that book, so don't be surprised if it stays up on my "Currently Reading" list for a while longer. And if you want to borrow it, I promise to sanitize it before I lend it out.

Glad I got some of my blogging juice back, yesterday was just horrid.


Flood said...

It can be an addiction that's for sure. It's nice to be able to justify it by gaining knowledge and new insights, though.

Nice to see me listed among such great names, thank you!

mai wen said...

And very deserved, Flood! :)


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