Quick Catch Up

So I've been busy, turning 24 and buying a house. I've finished two books since I last posted and will put out reviews soon, sometime this week. As you can see I'm on a graphic novel/comic book kick right now, this is due to my upcoming attendance of the Heroes Convention in June. My first ever! I'm excited about it and will be sure to blog about it.

Right now... I need a nap.


Elizabeth Krecker said...

You crack me up!! I love that you're into comics!

mai wen said...

Haha, I just went to the Heroes Convention today actually! My good friend that I used to work with got me into comic books and then I found out my brother was kind of into them so it made me more into them. I think it's a very cool alternate way of storytelling that both impresses and intrigues me. It's definitely very different than fiction, though I can say when done well, such as in Maus I and II, Pride of Baghdad and in Fun Home, I actually forget I'm reading a comic book and get so into the story it does flow like fiction!


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