Faneca In (For Now), 80s Out.

For those of you Steelers fans checking my blog who are despairing that I have not posted any Steelers news in a while, I apologize. It's been slow and I've been busy. I found this newsworthy though.

Our Pro Bowler guard Alan Faneca has decided to attend minicamp. So it looks like no hold out this year. Not to say next year we won't all be sweating it again... though to be honest, I'd much rather get Polamalu secured than Faneca, so if he's going to be difficult then let's get one more good year out of him, in which hopefully he'll perform at the top of his game to up his value in free agency, then get Polamalu signed. Next focus, Ben's contract.

And for your entertainment value, they're here to play football, they're the Diamonds and they come from Glascow. What else is there to be said? Oh yeah, football's a game. Thanks to fellow Raleigh-ian Dave's Football Blog for this video... I think a trip to Sammy's to meet this guy will be due come football season!

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