Beautiful, Old Europe - Luxembourg

Here are some pictures from the beautiful Luxembourg, our first location in Europe. This city, partly built into an old fort wall, is exactly what you'd imagine old Europe to look like. With that old European charm and a good friend to spend time with, we loved our visit to Lux, one of the smallest (though not THE smallest, our friend was quick to tell us) countries in Europe. I believe he said it took about three hours to go from the North point of the country to the South. Extremely rich country as well, apparently their next the Switzerland with their bank population.

You may ask why do I not know more about some of the sites shown below... well, perhaps because when I asked my dear friend/tour guide about their history he said, "Hell if I know!" And yes, he is a born and raised Luxembourgian. Haha, guess I can't complain, I'd have to say much the same about many of America's great sites. I mean, can anybody just name the presidents on Mount Rushmore off the top of their heads? I sure as hell couldn't.


Where we slept.

A Huge ass castle on a hill.

My Lux friend and I walking up to an old church.

A Palace in the countryside.

Houses built into the fort wall.

The view from the fort wall.

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