Eaten Alive.

So it’s 2:30am and I’m awake. Why? Because I couldn't sleep due to my Mosquito bites. Mosquito bites you ask? Yes. Approximately 50 of them. I’ve counted. All acquired since Monday. Damn North Carolinian Mosquitoes. Due to a friend’s suggestion I’ve purchased Afterbite and have repeatedly covered my legs with it. It helps for a little bit, but not when I’m trying to sleep. Anytime a bite touches anything (such as the sheets) it fires back to life and itches the hell out of me. Just to give you an idea to the ridiculousness of how much North Carolina Mosquitoes love me, I was outside for no more then one minute and acquired three new bug bites. Hubby says I must have sweet blood, I tell him to... well, I won’t tell you what I tell him. He has yet to get One Mosquito bite.

Sidenote: I'm just now catching up with my blogs and much love to my friend in Uganda recovering from malaria. I swear, if I didn't use like 60% deet bug spray I would have had 200 Mosquito bites when I was in Uganda. I wonder if you could die from too much deet... hmm. Decisions decisions. Death by deet or malaria? Either way, I'm glad Jackfruity is up and at 'em again. I'm sure blogosphere missed her witty and intelligent presence.

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