Before I Forget.

It has become my custom to take pictures of exotic clouds for my BFF Elizabeth. I'd better post them before I forget! As you can tell, my cloud pictures came from the two most beautiful places I went, and consequently, my two favorite places I went.

Clouds rolling over cliffs in Interlaken, Switzerland. Could there be a more beautiful backdrop for clouds than the Swiss Alps?

Clouds framing the over 134 meter tall water fountain in Geneva Sitzerland.

Clouds misty in the distance over the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Clouds hovering over Edinburgh Castle.

The dark menace of clouds over the buildings of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Elizabeth Krecker said...

You're so dear!! Ok, now for the really weird part...that first photo? I drew a picture once that looks SO much like it!


Now that the Teenager has graduated, and the Sun's performance in the NBA championship series a distant, though painful, memory, I hope to get back into blogging.

Thank you so much dearheart for keeping our BFF friendship alive!!

See you soon!!

mai wen said...

Wow,that is so weird, the painting is gorgeous! I just love the colors of it!! I tried to keep an eye out for good cloud shots during the trip! Glad to hear you getting back into blogosphere, we've missed you!!!



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