Some QB Funniness

The new:

And the original:

Don't worry Ben, I still support you even if BradyFan83 has turned his back on you! Though, you have to admit, his video was pretty damn funny. It does beg the question, however, would you rather be adored by BradyFan83 or dissed by BradyFan83? After watching the Brady Tribute, I'm leaning towards dissed.

BradyFan83 apparently has some other vids out there on Randy Moss and Emmit Smith, which I haven't had the opportunity to check out yet, but feel free to and let me know if they're worth it. I did live out the Randy Moss era in Minnesota as a Vikings fan, so I definitely will have to watch that one!


Brett Battles said...


mai wen said...

There's nothing like random people singing about sports, is there? It just Never Gets Old!


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