Holiday Madness

I may keep this post short since after flipping my open hummace wrap flat into my lap so that there was a good smattering of hummace left on my pants, I also burned the tip of my pointer finger in the sauce from my pot pie so that it now has a nice blister on the tip of it and making it very difficult to type.

A few items to note:

I am perpetually the Indianapolis Colts of Fantasy Football. Last year and this year I made it in the playoffs in both of my leagues with either the best record or second best and both years in both leagues I lost in the first round of the playoffs. As my friend said, it's my goal next year to be the Buffalo Bills of Fantasy Football, of course I may be in only one league next year since I won't be in my current job where I'm in the work league, so there will be less chances for me to make it to the big game, but I gotta dream big, right?

I have a huge headache over the strict carry-on policies now-a-days at airports. It's been especially troubling since I have to spend the night one night at JFK on my way to Uganda, possibly by myself. But obviously bathroom products will be strictly regulated making my life just that much more difficult. Most troubling to me, however is the "One item of reading material" rule. Really, what's the point of that? If I spending the night by myself then I'll definitely need more than one item of reading material.

And Steelers' fans are rampant in North Carolina? Who would have thunk it? I guess it makes sense since it's pretty much directly South of Pennsylvania, and Cowher's moving there after all, I wonder if that'll pull some Steelers' fan into the area. But I've heard from many different sources now that North Carolina is pretty much Steelers' Country... all the more reason to move there. What a relief it'll be to finally be in friendly territory!


Jeff said...

Well, this North Carolinian is firmly in the San Diego Chargers camp. Of course, I spent 8 years in San Diego, so that may explain things. BTW, I think Cowher already has a house here in Raleigh. I think one of his daughters goes to NCSU and the other is in high school here. The big rumor was that he would become the Wolfpack head coach, but that didn't pan out.

mai wen said...

Yeah, Cowher's wife and his youngest daughter already live in Raleigh in a 2.5 million dollar house. I guess I didn't count Him living there yet since he spends 90% of his time in Pittsburgh, but as rumor has it, he may be in Raleigh full time next year (if he retires), or at least for the summer if the Rooney's allow it and Cowher decides to keep his job!

Though I think his two oldest daughters both go to Princeton and play basketball there.

I have to admit I'm a fan of the Chargers, though I would never root for them over my Steelers of course. How could you not love the Chargers, they're just on fire and with LT??? I have LT in one of my fantasy leagues so I'm definitely a fan. Plus, you gotta kind of root for Marty to get his ring. If the Steelers don't make it to the playoffs this year (which is looking very likely) then I'll be rooting for the Chargers to make it all the way!

Brett Battles said...

Not sure you need to be overly worried about the one item of reading rule. In fact I haven't even heard of that, at least domestically. I've flown to both D.C. and San Francisco this fall, both times with multiple books and a magazine or two.

Sorry about your finger...that sucks. But hopefully the pie was/is good!

mai wen said...

Okay, good. I wasn't sure if it'd be that big of a deal, though I did hear of an incident with J.K. Rowling throwing a fit when she was flying internationally because she had a book and also her manuscript of her last Harry Potter book that she refused to stow even though they tried to make her because of this new rule. So maybe it is just an international thing, who knows. Hopefully they've let up on it if it is!

Finger is much better, thank you! I seriously am a walking accident, it doesn't even surprise my hubby anymore.


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