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I was cruising a cool Steelers Blog, Joey Porter's Pit Bulls (I mean, the name says it all, does it not?), and found a link to Steelers Bars through the States AND Internationally! Now I knew that there were Steelers Bars in most major cities and states, but the international Steelers Bars are pretty cool. I mean, previously, my hubby and I would try to schedule our vacations around the football season so we wouldn't miss a game (yeah, I'm not joking) and the one time we didn't was for our honeymoon but we had made sure prior to leaving for it that the resort would receive the channel the game would be on, luckily it was a nationally televised game. Unfortunately the moment the game started the resort's satellite went down, which resulted in a panicked running around the resort trying to find someone to fix it so we could watch the game. It was the Steelers/Giants game of Ben's rookie year and we sure as hell wanted to see Ben beat Eli's ass... not that we were bitter or anything that Eli got picked before Ben because of his last name. Just curious though, why such a poor showings in Utah and Mississippi? Only one Steelers bar, what'd we ever do to those states?

A mixture of technology and literature in a crazy way.

Orhan Pamuk's Nobel Peace Prize speech.

Now I know what I'll be doing at work for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for showing me this, buddy!

And that's all folks, enjoy your all's weekend, hopefully it's not as bitter cold and horrible as it is here in Ohio. I'll be watching football this weekend, but it'll be more relaxed than usual. Not only have my Steelers already played and won big time (anybody else drooling over Anthony Smith's performance?), but my Vikes have the lowly Lions to play and I've already clinched the division in both my fantasy leagues, so I could lose in both leagues and still make it to the playoffs! Life is good. Next week I'll be back to the stress filled football Sunday with the Steelers playing at Carolina (and they've been lowly on the road), the Vikes playing the Jets (who have been good when they feel like it) and my playoffs in Fantasy Football starting (where one loss means you're out!)

But this weekend, it's all relaxation and fun!

Look for my review of Charles Frazier's Thirteen Moons coming sometime early next week, or this weekend if I'm feeling ambitious.


Lisa R-S said...

You are losing in one of your fantasy leagues this week, good friend. Smile.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Mai-Wen. We didn't see it til' now.

Utah and Mississippi? We didn't HAVE to do anything to them. They're Utah and Mississippi.

mai wen said...

True Dat. I was disappointed to find that there weren't any Steelers' bars in Uganda (where I'll be from Jan 1 - Jan 17), but then I realized, oh wait, the Steelers' won't even be in the playoffs, so whatev. I guess that's the one plus of the Steelers' missing the playoffs, now I won't have the agony of having to miss any playoff games because I'm in Africa!

Yeah, so that's the only bright spot in that, and it's pretty weak at best.


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