Too Passionate?

I've often been accused of being too passionate (usually by my mother). Usually my response is that there is no such thing as Too much passion. But can you have too Many passions? As a person who tries to fit in a ridiculous amount of life in as little amount of time as possible (I always used to think that I'd die young, after all), I've always been kind of intense. But it does sadden me when one passion begins to take over the rest of my life, such as my job as a social worker has right now. Sure I'm passionate about helping people, but when I come home too exhausted (or too late!) to write then I begin to wonder how can I loyally pursue both passions? Maybe I can't? Or maybe I can only do one at a time? Still figuring out the kinks in that one.

Either way, my loyal updates on the situation in Uganda has been slipping as well, although I have been keeping up on my own. In a huge disappointment, Kony did not show up to sign the hard worked upon peace agreement. The article I linked outlined where Uganda stands now and what the next steps could be for this country that hasn't seen peace for over 20 years. It is my hope that somehow in the next couple years I can become a part of this rebuilding process for Uganda.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement ... Stay with it Mai Wen! You're great!!

mai wen said...

Awww, thanks! You're a sweetie!

Anonymous said...


Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are too passionate. That's what this life is all about. If we weren't passionate what things would matter? My favorite quote is by Benjamin Disraeli: Most people die with the music still locked up inside of them.

What makes your soul sing? Follow your heart. Each path can be a journey to a place we've never been -- or it can be a journey back home, which grounds us and let's us surge forward with new energy and into new places.

You take care.



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