Astonishing X-Men - Gifted: A Review

The Astonishing X-Men #1 - Gifted written by my guy Joss Whedon brings back on old plot with a new fresh voice. Once again there are rumors of a mutant cure! With really great art and some added elements of character that Joss is so good at, this X-Men story has a couple of interesting plot elements and twists and is a fun read. Bringing back Kitty was pretty cool and I know a specific joy for Joss considering Kitty was one of the influences for my favorite vampire slayer. Nothing completely shocking in this first TPB of the Astonishing X-Men, but definitely a good start to the series which I hope will heat up in the next TPB.



Anonymous said...

Have I ever let you down.....you are hooked...you going to Charlotte in June?


mai wen said...

Oh yeah, I actually have 2 subscriptions at my local comic book store... granted they're Buffy and Angel and I was addicted to those shows way before I met you... but I also have been picking up some random comics, like the Logan series... do you buy the comics and then get the TPBs too? I've started doing that, it doesn't make sense but I just want the TPBs for some reason even though I've bought all the comics individually.

Unfortunately I will not be able to go to the Convention this year in Charlotte, but for a very good reason... I'll be in Thailand! :) Are you going?


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