The Sandman - Season of Mists: A Review

Hailed as one of the best out of The Sandman series, Gaiman's fourth Sandman book, Season of Mists, is a masterpiece in storytelling. In a story that takes Morpheus to Hell to rescue a past lover, whom he put in Hell, by the way, Gaiman once again tests your thoughts and perceptions of the nightmarish things in the world and turns things in a way to make human nature the scary thing that goes bump in the night.

Season of Mists is a complete story in that it has so many elements and layers to it and satisfies on many different levels. There is the love story between Morpheus and Nada and the interesting development in character for Morpheus when he admits that he is wrong. This story also explores the Sandman's family ties and the relationships that he has with the other Endless, including a lost (on purpose) brother whom in the end he chooses to respect and leave alone. The story also includes an array of interesting and new characters from many different worlds and dimensions whose interests in Hell are as varying as their appearances. Without a doubt one of the more interesting of the series that I've read so far and thought provoking as well. Again Gaiman's imagination delights and leaves me in awe.


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