Favorite Time of Year

I have to say that this is officially my favorite time of year... warm weather, cute summer dresses and skirts, vacations and birthdays!  Not to mention a new plus, kids are out of school.  That last fact used to be neither here nor there for me, but now that I work with kids for a living, this means I get to work with them earlier in the day which means I get to come home earlier than 7-8pm every night!  Wahoo!  And I used to bitch and complain when I'd have to leave work at 5:30pm!

My summer is completely booked, from family visiting here, to Thailand, back to Ohio for a wedding, birthday parties, baby showers... I've never had a busier summer in my life.  And right after summer's over?  School part time and work full time.  When did life get so busy.  When I think of my life a year ago, a boring ass job that sucked time away from me, to a whirlwind of a life that I don't seem to have enough time for.  Someday I will find a balance between the two, I promise.  But in the meantime, excuse me while I whirl away...

On June 21st I leave for Thailand with my esteemed hubby (mostly because I esteem him).  Pictures and blog posts (if feasible) will be up from the trip while I'm there.  I'm very excited, I've hit Europe and Africa, now onto Asia!  Then Antartica, my true dream destination despite the fact that I've grown completely incompetent in the cold having moved to the South.  100 bulls couldn't drag me back up North!

Enjoy the sun, my friends!

P.S. It is my goal to catch up with my book reviews before I leave for Thailand.

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