Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: A Review

It's finally out, the long anticipated (and possibly even dreaded) HP7.

This final Harry Potter book is definitely darker than the others, with more danger and a complex mystery and plot that keeps you intrigued. I finished the some 800 page book in less than 2 days.

Without giving away the plot I will say this:
  • I wasn't shocked by any of it, despite many of the reviews suggesting I would be. I had guessed who was on whose side correctly, though had not guessed for what reason (which was very interesting).
  • The plot was more complex and interesting than any of the other books and really the gem of the book.
  • It was interesting to see some of the main characters show their real character, the good and the bad.
  • I wasn't devastated by any part of the book as many of the reviews suggested and did feel a little bit like Rowling took the cheap way out in that regard. I didn't cry once, which says a lot since I am easily moved to tears by books and had cried in the last two books.
  • I really loved how the plot tied together at the end, but did not like the very last chapter... I would have rather just done without it, it seemed a bit too much and completely unnecessary.
Overall, the book was wonderful. For some reason I thought it'd break my heart and really pull me to pieces, but I didn't feel that way for this book, which unfortunately made the experience a little less deep for me. There was suspense but not the crazy fearful you can't stand to put the book down for a second suspense. It was a comfortable suspense and near the end I pretty much figured out how things were going to turn out... not necessarily how they get there, but how it all ends up. A good story from the master plotician J.K. Rowling and a satisfying ending to a wonderful series and a wonderful world. It always saddens me to read the last of a series like this because I know that there will be no more new stories from that world that I've fallen in love with, but it ended well and it ended right.



spyscribbler said...

I really didn't like the epilogue.

I agree with you that the last book should've been the most emotional. If I bawled in the 6th one, then the final one should've had me sobbing myself to sleep.

I was disappointed, but I'm wondering if my sadness over the series ending is coloring my opinion. I want to re-read the whole series before making a final opinion!

mai wen said...

I heard that the epilogue was a way for Rowling to prevent knock off sequels to her series, which I guess I kind of get, but I also didn't like it. It was too red bowish and just really didn't seem like Rowling's style.

I loved the plot of the book with the horcruxes and the deathly hollows, but I agree, I kind of wanted my heart to be broken and then lifted again by the ending or something, but I really didn't feel any emotional turmoil and distress. It was more or less a comfortable and enjoyable read, which in a way is not what I wanted for the last book. I wanted an emotional rollercoaster!

Elizabeth Krecker said...

Geez. Now I have to read HP4, 5 and 6 so I can catch up to you!

Elizabeth Krecker said...

P.S. Stay tuned.

It's monsoon season in Arizona. More cloud pictures to come!!

mai wen said...

yeah girlfriend, you gotta catch up with Harry and friends! :)

Ohhh monsoon season, I can't wait!


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