The Happiest Day Of My Life

Okay okay, the second happiest day of my life, after that whole wedding day thing...

My favorite Defensive Steeler Troy Polamalu has signed a 5-year extension worth 33 million with about half of that guaranteed! I was sweating this signing because I just got a Polamalu jersey last season and he's one of my absolute favorite players. Great move by the Steelers, Polamalu is one of those irreplaceable and extremely talented players that are hard to find. Nobody deserves to be the highest paid Steeler of all time and the highest paid safety in the NFL more than the best safety in the NFL, Troy Polamalu. And he's such a beloved Steeler by players and fans alike, as much as it was hard to let go of Joey Porter (although I think it was the right move) and how hard it will be to lose Faneca next year, it would have broke my heart to lose Polamalu. Now we just gotta get Ben signed for the rest of his playing career and I'll be snug as a bug.

For those of you who don't know the good character of my soft-spoken guy, here's a quote from him about what the contract extension means to him:

"It means that I have to work harder and go out and earn it. That's what it means to me," Polamalu said. "So it's very exciting, especially for my wife and me. We feel very welcome in the city and I think this contract really puts our roots down here."

Foooootballl season's on its waayyyy! Wahooooo.


Elizabeth Krecker said...

Way cool!!

Way, WAY cool!!!

mai wen said...

Thank you hun!! :)

Lisa R-S said...

He is a class act. I have always liked him.

mai wen said...

Thank you sweety! You getting excited about the foootball season??? :)


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