Technically Inept

I've never been known as someone who's good with technology, especially coming from a family of computer programmers, I'm used to being seen as a little bit as a dummy when it comes to technology. Well, these past couple of weeks have reenforced this view of me to myself and my friends and family.

It first started with the fact that when I got my lost luggage back from British Airlines and found everything suspiciously soaked (though I found nothing broken in the luggage and also found out my trip companions also found their luggage in a similar condition). My cell phone charger was soaked, but my phone was dead so I decided to shake it around a little bit then plug it into my phone. It not only did not work but I think it damaged my battery since after that incident my phone has just turned of randomly (when the battery's not even close to done) and then is all scrambled when I try to turn it back on.

Then I lose my second blue tooth... okay, that has nothing to do with my technology ineptness, but it just sucks. Luckily I was able to find this one (the first one I lost is gone forever), especially since this blue tooth is really my hubby's, who insisted that I take it so I wouldn't kill myself when I talk on the phone in the car. (Yeah, he's sweet, isn't he?)

Then I fry my laptop, possibly damaging the hard drive, which means losing everything on the computer... I had most of my stories backed up, but not all, and all my pictures and music is on the laptop... I mean ALL of my pictures from last year which I hadn't backed up yet. My laptop will be examined by a computer doctor today and I'm just praying that we can retrieve the data. I really don't care if the laptop is trashed, I just want my data. :( Grrrr, how I wish I weren't so technically inept.

So, say I do need to buy a new laptop, any suggestions? I was really unhappy with the Dell laptop that I have now because it would overheat too easily (hence it's current fried condition) and I've heard that this is a common problem in Dells. I'm thinking of switching over to the dark side of Macs, but I'm a little scared, not going to lie...

Sorry for the lack of posts as of recent, since I had no computer at home I was unable to continue my Uganda posts nor post my review for Brett Battles' The Cleaner, both of which I'll get to very soon, I promise!

I also wanted to mention that I'm getting completely out of hand with my book obsession. It has finally happened that I've forgotten which books I own and I added a book to my Amazon wish list that I already have! Luckily I happened to see it in my bookcase and deleted it from my wish list before I bought it, but I thought it was a note worthy moment in my book obsession.

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