Football Translated

"When you don't understand the rules, it just looks like big men running around wrestling," says China-born Kevin Mo...
And so came the great idea for the American Football Encyclopedia:

Blitz = Lightning war against the QB

Hail Mary Pass = Miracle long pass

Onside kick = Gambling kickoff

Play action = Pass after fake run

Pocket = Protection arc

Punt = Give it up and kick it back

Sack = Capture the commander in chief

Touchdown = Step on the enemy's territory

Glad we're making such an effort to market American Football in China. But, for safety's sake, I thought I'd post these up on my blog for some of those unfortunate Americans who don't know much about football...

You know who you are.

We think Sunday's game would be more fun to watch if Phil Simms kept yelling "It's a lightning war against the QB!"

- Deadspin
Couldn't agree more. We can only hope Simms has accessed and read the American Football Encyclopedia or better yet, my blog.

Oh, and while we're sort of speaking about Chinese spam mail, anybody else get Chinese spam?? I mean, spam in Chinese characters? I really don't know how they got my email address, but my spam box is flooded with it. Scary thing is that I can actually read some of it, and I might have purchased some Chinese special herbs that have yet to come in the mail.

Damn Chinese spam!

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