Feeling Ill

I had started a post on my second day in Uganda (I know, it's going to take forever to get through all 15 days of the trip!) but I'm actually feeling very ill. My hubby just got diagnosed with a sinus infection and now I'm exhibiting many of the symptoms he started out with... yeah, so not looking good. The worst of it is that we're leaving for Cancun, Mexico on Wednesday. Nothing more fun than being on vacation sick! Let's hope I can get over it. I need to rest right now, I can barely see the screen and everything in my head aches.


angie said...

Uh-oh...feel better, dammit. You're right. Vacation isn't nearly as much fun with sinus crap going on. On the other hand, you can get your vitamin C fix pretty damn fresh off the trees!

Brett Battles said...

I hope your feeling better!! Have a great vacation!

mai wen said...

Thanks Angie and Brett! I'm hoping I make it to Cancun, with the winter storm we've been having today that's supposed to continue tonight, it's not looking good. At least half of the flights today were canceled, for once I'm crossing my fingers for good weather for tomorrow so I can get outta here!! (Usually I'm hoping for bad weather so I can work from home!)


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