Movie Splurge.

Due to a coupon received in the mail that allowed us to rent all the movies we wanted in January for $1.99 at Blockbuster, my hubby and I have gone on a movie splurge. Thought I'd share a little taste with you all if you feel like making a couch potato out of yourself.

District 9 - A documentary style SyFy movie in which a group of aliens, stranded on Earth, are forced to live in a refugee camp on Earth. The camp is filled with trash and is a breeding ground for illegal activity, often involving taking advantage of the aliens. After twenty plus years, the population's interest and welcome of the aliens has deteriorated and they decide to ship them to a different camp with worse conditions, when things, of course, start to go wrong. With an interesting story line, the movie held my interest but didn't necessarily suck me in. The documentary style was a bit distracting and the personality of the aliens could have been better developed, especially in a movie trying to show how exploited the aliens are, I felt like their characters were very poorly developed. The main human character, Wilkus Van De Merwe, was extremely annoying for most of the movie. He was very much the anti-hero for much of it, only to come through at the very end, but by that time you're not even sure if you like him anymore. It's worth the time if it sounds interesting to you, but definitely not a must watch.

Star Trek -I'd never watched the original Star Trek, but I was a Next Generation fan. My hubby was not a Trekkie of any degree and was reluctant to watch this movie with me but he was the first to admit that this movie was awesome! With a great and complex plot, interesting characters, great scenes, this movie was the complete package whether or not you ever watched an episode of Star Trek in your life. Definitely worth a watch, you won't be disappointed.

The Hurt Locker - How can you go wrong with a war movie with a female Director? In a blunt and ballsy movie about the Iraq war, The Hurt Locker takes you to war disarming IEDs with a wild team leader who doesn't seem to care if he dies during the job, a strong-willed Sargent who likes to do things by the book and a soldier who's just a kid and terrified to fire his first shot in war. In a tense life and death game in the middle of a violent war, you get a terrifying look at the different type of soldiers in the war and how the death and cruelty of war affect each one of them in different and yet profound ways. This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and was well shot with compelling characters. Definitely check it out!

Terminator Salvation - I've been a fan of the Terminator movies since I was a kid, except for the last Terminator movie. This movie redeemed the Terminator series. I'm also a big Christian Bale fan, so that was an added bonus. It was fun to finally go into the future of this series after meeting so many of its occupants. The plot was interesting and the scenes were cool and action packed. Can't wait for the next Terminator movie! Hopefully Christian Bale will be in it again... hmm, yummy!

(500) Days of Summer - A fun and quirky Indie un-love story told in an nonlinear timeline with interesting actors. Its fun, quirky and shot in that artistic way that Indie films tend to be shot in.

The Wrestler - Though extremely bloody at times, a moving movie about the the physical abuse one will inflict upon himself for fame and a sport that he loves. This movie takes you behind the wrestling world. Whether you blame "The Ram" for his life circumstances or not, you do like him and root for him in the end.

Food, Inc. - Wow, I could say a whole lot about this documentary. It was both disturbing and disgusting. I was already leaning towards organic food as it was, but this just put me over the edge. Of course, big corporations once again monopolize the industry and tries to keep its consumers from knowing what's really going on, but when it comes to our food, its more than personal. What could be more personal then what you put into your body? This has led me to research Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) in order to buy local and organic. Definitely changed the way I live my life.

Up - I cried within thirty minutes of watching this movie. A sweet and adventuress story, though I wouldn't say its a kids movie, at least not young children. It has more serious tones to it and it was a little slow at times to hold a young child's attention. It was a very sweet movie.

Let the Right One In - For those who want a different sort of vampire story than the popular Twilight movies (though, this isn't dissing the Twilight series since I'm an addict to them as well, vampire movies in general are kind of my thing). This movie has a romance, but between twelve-year-olds (sort of, one had been twelve for a very long time) and has subtitles. It's a much more grotesque and dark vampire movie, but at the same time artistic and beautiful. The more you think about the movie the more you like it.

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