I Resolve.

So if I put my New Year's resolutions on my blog, then I have to do it, right? I expect you all to hold me accountable.

So here we go:

I resolve to write fiction at least once a week. I know, that's low-balling it, but as a perfectionist I have to keep my goals small, otherwise if they're too big then I get stressed out about accomplishing it and then I feel like I won't and if you know anything about a perfectionist, its that its all or nothing so if you don't think you can do something perfectly then you don't do it at all. So I'm starting with one day a week (Wednesdays I believe will be my chosen day) and give myself permission to write complete crap for a while until I get back into the swing of things. After so many months without writing, I think I'll have a lot of crap to get out. I'll end each writing session with a blog on how it went, unless those posts end up being really boring, then I might stop blogging about my writing.

I resolve to read at least two books a month. Again, I'm low-balling it, but my life is pretty dang busy and I'm spread in so many different directions that I need to keep everything pretty simple in order to fit all the different parts of my life together. Reading is one of those things that I've let slip a little and I miss it, so two books a month at the very least. You can look for those book reviews.

So other than trying to cut down on my cussing and working out more (which I figured you all really couldn't help me out with either of those much), that's about it. Of course, its mostly about taking care of myself better. What social worker is good at taking care of him or herself? I haven't really met one yet. Ah, the nature of the job!

What are your resolutions, if any?


Rhaven said...

what? Cussing? Joo? Pffft. Cussing only ads flavor to life if done in the proper amount ;)

I resolved to drink water for every cup of coffee I down. And stock up on more toilet paper!

What kind of fiction?

mai wen said...

I think I take it to the vulgar amount, especially when watching football! ;-)

I love reading all kinds of fiction, but my writing is mainly literary fiction, and usually pretty blunt and harsh reality type, though I do try to leave some hope in the end for the readers. I'm not a cruel person. :)

Eesh, your resolution doesn't sound fun! Is your goal that you'll get sick of all the bathroom trips and therefore stop drinking coffee?


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