The Story of the Cursed House

First it started with the surprise visitors of two little baby mice stuck in our recycling bin the day we close on our new house. Cute little mice, but knowing that there was a momma mouse somewhere, we quickly stomped the baby mice. Just Joking!! Anyone who knows me knows I would never allow that, we drove them a couple miles away from our home and released them into the woods where hopefully they'll survive, but worse case scenario they become food for a hungry predator, a more natural death then stomping by a human foot. So mini-crisis diverted, mouse traps bought to catch any further mice (the most humane mouse traps we could find).

We're happily painting the bedrooms of our house, waiting for our stuff to arrive from Ohio in a couple of days when we notice we're sweating profusely. Now, hubs and I are pretty good sweaters, but this was ridiculous. We check the air conditioning vents, air's-a-blowing but it's definitely Not cold air. The air conditioning's broken. So only a couple days into our home warranty and a day before our stuff arrives, our air conditioning's busted. Did I mention it's the middle of the summer here? The air conditioning guy can't come until the day After we get our stuff, so we have to move in with the house at around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. And don't even get me started on sleeping in that temperature! Hubby was like, well at least you've been to Africa, you should be used to sleeping in this heat. And I laughed, it wasn't even near as bad in Uganda as it was in our house! The dorms we slept in were made of concrete and were actually quite cool and comfortable. Not hot at all.

Fine, we're sweating balls, but our stuff is coming, and according to the movers, early in the afternoon the next day. We're excited until the morning of the move I step on a piece of glass in our kitchen. Now remember, we haven't moved anything in yet, so this glass was from the previous owners and I had no idea to beware of it. So I'm hobbling around like a gimp for a while until hubby can come home and take the glass out of the heal of my foot, and even after that it still hurts enough that I limp a bit. Hubs takes off work so he can help facilitate the move and we wait. And we wait. The movers don't arrive until 6pm! Irritated but still glad our stuff is here we're further surprised that there are only two men to move our stuff weighing 10,000 lbs! They ask if we know anyone in the neighborhood that would like to make a couple extra bucks, we do not, having just moved in and all, and so hubby and I help, despite being irritated because that's why we hired movers so We wouldn't have to do it and the fact that I'm still limping around a bit. Not even twenty minutes into the move, it starts to thunder and so we just move everything into our garage. It rains. While it rains, hubby and I are moving stuff into their rooms, unwrapping the covers off our furniture, etc. and the movers are chatting and chilling in their truck. I could have strangled someone.

Finally we get the move done with some major damage to our side and coffee table which are pretty much brand new and also some broken dishes. The next day all is going fine as I unpack, nothing major broken except for the broken dishes, which aren't the end of the world but a bit of a bummer. The air conditioning guy comes, tells us we have a leak in a coil and that he's not sure that our home warranty will cover it because our plan is so new (grrrrrrrr, why even have the darn thing then?) and since he has to go through the home warranty company with approval before he does anything, he couldn't fix our air conditioning then. We still haven't heard from our home warranty company and the air conditioning is still broke.

We have a nice dinner with a friend visiting from out of town and come back home, I'm in the kitchen reaching up to turn off the light on the fan by pulling the chain and CRASH, the light comes smashing down onto the kitchen island and the floor. I scream bloody murder and hubs comes running downstairs. Somehow the whole light came crashing down and shattered and yet not one shatter hit me. Thank goodness for that island that made it so I wasn't directly under the light. Glass shards are everywhere and hubby and I clean it up the best we can, but inevitably hubby gets cut on the foot the next morning and I have to pick glass bits out of the dogs' food bowls.

Needless to say, our house is cursed and it hates us.

And I didn't even mention the leaky toilet or the broken faucet handle. Sigh, the joys of owning a new home.


Mas said...

Sorry for your troubles, mai wen. Just imagine the future when you will be looking back and telling this as a funny story...

mai wen said...

Haha, I sure hope so! This weekend hubby and I relaxed some, watched some of our movies that we have back from storage and I feel much better, but our air conditioning is still not working and we're trying to negotiate with the sellers to help us pay for the VERY expensive fix ($1600!!!)

Ah well, I love my house otherwise and am glad to have my stuff back!

Thanks, Mas!


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