Disturbing, Disappointing, Disgusting.

Nothing pisses me off more than stupid, irresponsible parents. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD FOLKS, PARENTING ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE EASY! Just because your 16-year-old daughter thinks she's in love with her manipulative pedophile 40-year-old track coach doesn't mean that she is. She's SIXTEEN for gods sake. Hell, I thought I was invisible when I was sixteen, I thought I'd marry just about every other boyfriend I had when I was sixteen! It's the parents' responsibility to Know that their daughter doesn't know any better and to protect her from making a huge life-destroying traumatizing mistake. Yes, she's going to throw tantrums and make your life difficult, um, but that's what teenagers do last I checked.

Sorry, I'm so disgusted that I'm puking out of my ears. If I met these parents I'd literally beat them down.

The picture says it all and is as disturbing as it gets:

I feel so badly for that poor girl that has absolutely no one in the world to protect her now.


Tony said...

Parents... you are responsible for protecting your children! She's freaking 16. Now I'm puking out my ears.

Jamie Ford said...

That is freakishly sad. What's worth is that they look like they could be cousins. (Shudders at the thought of six-finger banjo playing at their wedding).

mai wen said...

Oh I know, I totally thought they were father and daughter when I first looked at the picture before reading the story.

Double ew!


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