You Tube Funness

An old favorite of mine:

Seriously, yo, Boom goes the dynamite! I'm going to start saying that Everywhere! And for everything... for example, a perfect time to use it would be when taking a dump in a public bathroom. If you say it in perfect sync with the, ahem, drop then it'd cover some of the embarrassment of the plop sound that inevitably conspires when, well, you know. You know that fake cough isn't covering anything up. Try it, and then let me know how it goes!

And only because this took place in Ohio and I've got to have some flickering Ohio pride left before I move... alright, I'm laughing my ass off making fun of Ohio in my head while watching this! Screw you Ohio!

Last but not least, who doesn't need to hear a chubby young man in his New Jersey bedroom lip-syncing to a Romanian pop song every once in a while? Oddly enough, that song sticks in your head like a disease! It's got an awfully catchy tune to it, doesn't it?


Brett Battles said...

Boom goes the Dynamite...so sad...I feel for this guy. Okay, I laughed, but I really feel for him. I like the idea of using "Boom.." in everyday conversation though. I'll try to work it in...see what happens.

mai wen said...

You'll have to let me know the results of the little experiment! I meant to use it at lunch today but plum forgot, mostly because I was starving and couldn't concentrate on anything but wolfing down my food.


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