It's A Football Friday!

Okay, so I've been slacking a little on the football posts. It's been over a week since my last football post. I know, I'm gasping too. But as you could have guessed I've been a bit depressed about football recently. Why? BECAUSE THE STEELERS HAVE THE SAME RECORD AS THE BROWNS! Anyone who knows anything about football knows how awful that is. So, as I munch on the leftover Halloween candy (hmmm, chocolate) I've decided to take on a new approach to my Steelers games. Forget playoffs and repeating the Super Bowl, that's not even on the radar. I'm just going game by game and legitimately, the Steelers could win any game left on their schedule and they could lose any game left on their schedule. There are no more guaranteed wins or losses for the Steelers this season because they've been on such extremes of good and bad, you just don't know What Steelers you're getting.

I'm personally getting sick of the Ben Bashing and the Steelers fans giving up on the season. Sure, the ultimate purpose of each season is to win the Super Bowl, but only one team achieves that goal each year. So we have to have other goals and focuses, and like one of my favorite radio personalities from Sirius's NFL Radio, Solomon Wilcots, said in response to a Steelers' fan who wanted to rein Ben in like he was a rookie, let Ben play! Let him play out of his funk, gain confidence and become a better Quarterback for our future. Just because he's struggling, doesn't mean we don't have great things in our future. I believe in Ben and am totally confident he'll come back. What's ridiculous to me is that after hearing about the motorcycle accident, anyone would have said that our season was shot. And just because Ben came back, albeit perhaps a bit too early, everyone seemed to forget all that he'd been through this offseason and subsequently non-stop since. Dude, if this makes Ben a stronger person and QB, then so be it. We have A Lot more years with him then just this year. And what about the fact that he has yet to give us a bad year at all. Give him a break, people! I know fans are fickle, but this is ridiculous.

I think our major problems are our O-Line and Special Teams, and Not our QB. I'm not saying Ben isn't struggling, but our O-Line's not giving him much of a chance either. And now our O-Line is being shuffled. Great, that gives me confidence. Personally, I never thought our O-Line was great. I always thought they were average to good and Ben made up for their weaknesses with his mobility and made them look better than they really were. Now that he's recovering from Multiple injuries he's not as mobile, and here we see sacks galore and an interception party. Not to mention that the O-Line has not been opening up the running game at all. Our running game has been inconsistent and overall bad this year, and I really don't believe it's Willie's fault either.

And I don't even want to start with our (*cringe) special teams. Okay, I get letting go Randle-el because, honestly, he isn't worth what the Redskins are paying for him. But why let go of Quincy? A great returner and a veteran receiver... both of which we've desperately needed this year! And I'm still baffled by releasing Chidi, wasn't he our special teams Captain last year?

Overall, I think we could Totally win this weekend. But then again, we could get killed too.

Depends on which Steelers show up.


Lisa R-S said...

Go Browns. Sorry I couldn't resist. Go Steelers too.

mai wen said...

Haha, well we're now directly competing for the worst record in our Division! It's good you have Browns pride! :)


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