Seriously Scummy.

I've already been frustrated with the recent influx of "sex scandals" and infidelities from celeb husbands and even more irritated with the "I have a sex addiction" cop-out. I completely believe in sex addictions and know how difficult the struggle many people have with controlling their sexual impulses and the deep rooted issues that accompany a sex addiction. However, I think that cheating on your wife a bunch doesn't automatically mean you have a sex addiction nor if you go through "treatment" are you magically "cured." Right now I think claiming "sex addiction" and going through "treatment" is just becoming a big fat cop-out and a way to not taking responsibility for your disgusting actions against your spouse and family. These men definitely need therapy because I don't know how you can deliberately hurt your spouse and family in such a way without having some major intimacy issues, but lets wait before we cry "sex addiction" please.

Even with my recent disappointment and disgust with all the recent celeb infidelities, I was absolutely crushed (okay, slight exaggeration, but I was really bummed) to find that my favorite vampire with a soul is now added onto the list of scummy husbands. Yup, once Angel on my all-time favorite vampire show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, David Boreanaz has admitted to cheating on his wife with at least two different women and while she was on bed-rest due to her high risk pregnancy! He was even texting one of his mistresses while his wife was in labor! Jeez, could you get any more scummier? I've also become a fan of Bones but I find it hard feeling so positive about a character when the actor underneath the character is so scummy towards the person he is supposed to love and respect more than anybody else in the world.

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